Manage your office space and assets in one.

Integrated modules

Space Manager

You are able to contol the space in every building of your portfolio – without leaving your computer. The Space Management Module from SAM Systems can help you do just that.

Designed to give facility professionals, department liaisons and executive management complete visibility into space and occupancy, the Space Management Module keeps your real-time information in one centralized location, no matter the size or variety of the data.

You can make every space count. With accurate data at your fingertips, you can strategically manage your working environment and deliver real business value to your organization.

Integrated submodules: Desk Booking, Remote Work Approval, User Manager, Employee Reports

Desk Booking

The number of facility professionals who work remotely has grown substantially in the past several years which has led to employees performing their job functions outside of a traditional office setting. There is now a growing need for flexible office solutions, which allows employees to reserve work space on an as-needed rather than a traditional constantly reserved basis.

Flexible office helps to reduce the amount of physical space that an enterprise requires, immediately lowering overhead costs while ensuring access to necessary office space to the employees.

User Manager

This tool can help you manage all the users accessing the required applications with various security levels. With the wide variety of user information, this application can be used by Human Resorces, IT and FM professionals to have an up to date information background on all employee based relations.

Integrated submodules: Team Area Manager, Organization Units Manager, Worksations Manager

Asset Manager

Your organization’s assets make up a large and costly financial investment. Do you have the tools to track them effectively?

The Asset Management Module enables you to track multiple classes of assets – office equipment, furniture, lab equipment, or even corporate artwork. You can link assets to CAD symbols on floor plans for easy location, ownership, and access to product information, greatly improving efficiencies in maintenance and personnel move processes. Graphical queries let you search for and visually display your assets on floor plans.

Inventory services and reporting assure you to have a complete lifespan control over your fixed assets from the day of the purchase to the final withdrawal.

Invensol’s simple time entry makes it quick and easy for employees to enter time. Now you'll always know which people are working on what projects!

Avoid the overhead costs and headaches associated with building your own timesheet solution! With no software to install, your company can start tracking time and expenses immediately from any internet-connected computer. So, whether you've got 5 users, 50 users, or 500 users, IS Timesheet Manager will always fit your needs.

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Now project managers, internal customers and other team members can have complete visibility into the status and schedules of any number of jobs across multiple locations.

The key to a successful project is in the up-to-dateness. All members of your planning and construction projects can easily access contact data, attach notes, documents plans, drawings, technical specifications or photos with just a few clicks.

Key features of Project Portal
  • Project info
  • Members of project
  • Database of plans and documents
  • Photos of constructions
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